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Why choose to subscribe?

Why choose to subscribe to the Magazine?

  • Save Time and Money by getting the magazine delivered right to your door with an annual subscription and with this, the dance comes to you with additional savings (two years saves you $18).
  • Never miss an issue which includes breath taking images from around the world, in-depth articles and exceptional writers keeping the magazine fresh and unique.
  • Enjoy the magazine wherever you are - your local cafe, your dance studio, or in the comforts of your own home.
  • The magazine is collectable with images that are not easily available anywhere else, not even online!
  • As a subscriber you will also be entitled to special limited edition promotions and contests ranging from unique to truly rare and extremely limited edition items (i.e. signed posters).
  • By subscribing you will be showing your support for the world of dance from today's professional dancers to the new and up-and-coming young dancers of tomorrow.
  • Dance International covers the global scene, not just the local scene, and this will keep you up to date on what is happening around the world.

How to subscribe to Dance International

Let Dance International bring the world of dance direct to your door each season. Using PayPal and the many payment options and currencies it offers, you can easily start or renew your subscription online -- anytime, anywhere.

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